Gunner Smoke - Fresa 5L Densidad Alta

Fresa 5L Densidad Alta

Strawberry aroma high density smoke liquid

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Choose the right density for your perfect party.

! Improve your party and make it unforgettable!

Create the perfect atmosphere for your perfect party with smoke effects so that all the people go crazy with the incredible effect it generates.

Unleash the Magic of Smoke at your Events!

Do you want to give a magical and exciting touch to your events? Here is the solution! Introducing the innovative Liquid Smoke, the key to creating spectacular environments that will surprise your guests.

Control the atmosphere of your celebrations. With our high-quality Smoke Liquid, achieve amazing effects that will take your events to the next level. From whimsical plays to themed Halloween parties, Liquid Smoke provides endless possibilities to stand out and create unforgettable memories.

Reasons to choose our Smoke Liquid:
· Incredible Versatility: Adapts to any occasion, whether dramatic, mysterious or festive.
· Easy to Use: Forget about complications. Add a small amount and watch the magic happen!
· Stunning Effects: Create smoke screens that enhance visual and lighting effects, bringing your creative ideas to life.
· Controlled Duration: Do you need a brief and surprising effect? Low density Smoke Liquid is perfect.
· Lasting Memories: Your events will be unforgettable thanks to the unique atmosphere that Liquid Smoke creates.

Transform your events into exciting experiences. Whether it's a party, presentation or concert, Liquid Smoke will captivate your audience.

Elevate your events with amazing Smoke Liquid! Your creativity will have no limits and your guests will marvel at the amazing effects you will achieve. Order today and get ready to impress everyone with the magic of smoke!




It can be used, for example, to enhance a play by making it appear to characterize a scene well.

It can be put to a terrifying use for your spooky horror house event or Halloween event.

You can use it for a party that everyone will remember by using it to enhance the atmosphere and lighting.

Low density

Low density smoke liquid

Creates a light smoke that rises briefly and dissipates quickly, ideal for short-lived surprise effects in an environment.

Medium density

Medium density smoke liquid

It is versatile to create festive or dramatic environments. Its density keeps smoke in the air without obstructing vision and enhances lighting effects for maximum impact.

high density

High density smoke liquid

It creates a smoke that stays in the air due to its density, releasing gradually. This is ideal for creating smoke screens that enhance laser effects at events. Additionally, it slightly limits the field of vision without going overboard.

Very high density

Very high density smoke liquid

Its density and body are notoriously thick, which makes it difficult to evaporate quickly and limits its rise into the air. Additionally, its high density reduces transparency, resulting in a significant reduction in the field of view. Ideal for advanced visual effects.


Made in Spain

Smoke Machine Liquid manufactured and produced in Spain under the country's safety regulations.


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Gunner Smoke - Fresa 5L Densidad Alta

Gunner Smoke - Fresa 5L Densidad Alta

Strawberry aroma high density smoke liquid

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